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Five Star 5180 XTREME 2.1 Clearcoat 5180 Gallon***

Five Star 5180  XTREME 2.1 Clearcoat 5180 Gallon***
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Five Star 5180 ALL Temperature Urethane clear is very easy to use and provides great gloss and DOI. Its three Activators allow it to be used in most temperatures and make it versatile enough to be used as a Spot or Multi-Panel Clear. Its 2.1 VOC rating makes it compliant in all VOC regulated areas. Mix Ratio of 4:1.This product is considered hazardous Material to ship .. and the cost reflects the extra cost of shipping being hazardous.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: #5180 is an acrylic urethane clearcoat with a sprayable VOC of 2.1 lbs/gal (using EPA test method 24). It can be used over all solvent based and water based basecoats.

FEATURES: VOC: 2.1 lbs/gal 4:1 Mix Ratio Easy Buff 3 Activators (3 temperature ranges) High Gloss

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface must be clean, dry, and free of any contaminants, such as wax, oil, etc... 1. Always wash vehicle with soap and water. 2. Wipe surface with 5 Star Autobody Products Wax & Grease Remover or #5905 Surface Prep. 3. Abrade the surface to remove any corrosion. 4. Re-clean area with #5905 Surface Prep. 5. Prime bare metal with appropriate primers.

BASECOAT: Apply basecoat per manufacturer's mixing and application instructions. Allow sufficient flash time before applying clear. Please note that basecoat flash times could vary between basecoats. Inadequate flash times will affect the performance of this product.

MIXING DIRECTIONS: 4 parts of X-TREME KlearKote to 1 part X-TREME Activator.

APPLICATION: 1. Adjust air pressure to 45-50 psi (Siphon); 35-40 (Gravity); 8-10 (HVLP). 2. Apply 2-3 flowing coats. 3. Allow 10-15 minutes flash time between coats. Keep spray gun 6-10 inches from substrate to avoid problems associated with air entrapment. 4. Allow to dry overnight before exposing to the weather.

BLENDING PROCEDURES: 1. Before blending a panel with clear, the blend area must be compounded and cleaned thoroughly with a quality pre-paint cleaner. Do not leave compound residue on surface. 2. Apply wet coat of clear over painted area and slightly beyond. Allow 5-10 minutes flash. 3. Apply second wet coat of clear 4-6 inches beyond first coat. Allow 5-10 minute flash. 4. Reverse blend the third coat by starting 3-5 inches beyond the dry edge and spray into the center of the painted area. Additional reduction with a urethane reducer may be desired to melt in overspray.

DRY TIMES: Dust Free: 30 Minutes Tack Free: 60 Minutes Wet Sand: 6-8 Hours Buffable: 6-8 Hours Delivery: Overnight

FORCE DRY: Air Dry for 30 minutes, then force dry for 40 minutes at 140 degrees F. Clear may be wet sanded after one hour.

POT LIFE: 3-5 hours.

SANDING: Final sand with 1200 or finer grit paper after 16-24 hours or upon cool down after force drying.

BUFFING: Buff with appropriate compound after 6-8 hours.

ACCELERATOR: To improve the Buff & Sanding time, or for faster dry and cure times in colder conditions, add 2 to 4 ounces of #5405 Urethane Accelerator to a gallon of catalyzed clear. Please note that the accelerator will shorten the pot life and slightly reduce the gloss.

CLEAN UP AND STORAGE: Clean equipment immediately using 5 Star #5700 or #5703 Lacquer Thinner or #5650 Urethane Reducer.

TECHNICAL DATA: Mixing Ratio : 4:1 Catalyst: #5181 Fast, #5182 Medium, #5183 Slow Viscosity (Sprayable): 17-19 seconds #2 Zahn Suggested Fluid Tip Size: Siphon (1.3mm - 1.5mm) Gravity (1.3mm - 1.5mm) HVLP (1.3mm - 1.5mm)

NOTE: Some spray gun manufacturers have specific recommendation for specific spray guns & product viscosity, always check spray gun manufacturers recommendation:

Volume Solids (Sprayable): 34.2% Film Build: 1.0 mils per full wet coat Coverage: 549 Sq. Ft. per gallon @ 1 mil Pot Life 3-5 Hours V.O.C. (Sprayable): 2.1 lbs/gal (using EPA test method 24)

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