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Champagne DA, Sheets, and rolls

Champagne DA, Sheets, and rollsNorton Champagne Sand paper A275 "The best sandpaper on the planet" A275 is sandpaper technology at its best. It cuts faster, runs cooler (making it last longer) resists loading (also making it last lonter). Norton A273 lasts longer than any conventional sandpaper that's out there. Although it's made for the automotive refinish industry I have use this for woodworking, fiberglass repair, and of coarse automotive (and this stuff just keeps going and going like the energizer bunny). FEATURES BENEFITS Premium heat-treated grain 30% - 50% faster cut rate than most sandpapers out there and also helps to Extend sand paper life. Premium B-weight latex paper backing gives Improved performance and is More flexible for Easier disc removal FEPA P-graded grain Achieves a more consistent, uniform scratch pattern better for preventing deeper uneaven scratches that are unwanted. Norton Champagne has a Superior bond system that Optimizes grain adhesion wich intern dramatacly Extends cut life. Waterbased stearate No-Fil helps to Improve load resistance which also help to Extends it's cut life No pigment in No-Fil or bond Eliminates the risk of color transfer and Creates a much stronger bond to help keep the grit on the paper for longer lasting paper.