Autobody Clearcoats is what you need to pay attention to when your doing a spot repair or overall paint job. I know here in Arizona it's important to have a Hi Quality Clearcoat because of our fading problems. It's important to get a clearcoat that has UV protection built right in the clearcoat is just one quality to look for in a Urethane clearcoat. It's also important for it to be easy to colorsand and buff, 5 STAR Autobody Products® were developed with the commitment to stay competitive in today's rapidly changing market. Finding alternative ways of doing business is our specialty! You do have a choice!

Value: 5 STAR Autobody Products® are premium items at less than premium prices. Simply put, a great value for every Jobber, and their customers! Using 5 STAR helps a business stay competitive without sacrificing the bottom line. Quality: 5 STAR Autobody Products® is not a generic brand.Our products are manufactured to the highest quality control standards using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art processes available today. Stay competitive without sacrificing your standards! Performance: 5 STAR Autobody Products® consistently produces "5 STAR" results day in and day out! When used by professionals as directed, our products meet and exceed all requirements when compared to any other premium brand. Stay competitive without sacrificing your reputation! Benefits: Easy to apply, outstanding performance characteristics,with the durability and gloss equal to the original finish! .
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