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Norton Medallion Cutoff Wheels/ NorKut Products

Norton Medallion Cutoff Wheels/ NorKut ProductsStronger by design For unmatched premium performance on the job, nothing beats Norton's Medallion® Cut-Off Blades. Norton's exclusive combination of high performance abrasives makes Medallion® Blades the ultimate choice for cool, easy cutting of sheet metal. Also ideal for heavy-duty cutting of muffler clamps, bolts and steel rods up to 3/4" thick, as well as spot weld grinding. Fiberglass reinforced with a special reinforced bond, Medallion® Blades are available in three thicknesses, each establishing a new standard in its class.

Medallion® blade technology can operate at a higher speed than conventional blades, even in excess of 25,000 RPMs. This ensures much cleaner, faster cuts. More important, it quickly increases productivity on the floor and yields far longer worklife. So, whatever you need to cut, reach for the specific Medallion® product for the job.

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