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Microflex At a time when there are more glove choices than ever before, it's important to remember the essential purpose gloves serve. Does it really matter what glove brand you choose? We think so. When it comes to the health and safety of our customers, integrity and reputation matters. At Microflex we're committed at every level of the business to giving you the best product possible, and because we believe that informed customers make good customers, we strive to educate and assist you in making the right choice in hand protection.

Through experience in developing specialized products and continually improving existing products, Microflex has a distinct advantage in evolving our product line rapidly, and striving to be on the forefront of new and improved manufacturing methods aimed at continual advancement.

We're proud of our reputation as The Most Trusted Name in Gloves®, and our goal is to do whatever it takes to be better than the rest – and to bring you products that continually deliver the highest quality, reliability, and satisfaction.

Diamond Grip MF300 Gloves 1 Box of 100/ea
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Sale price: $19.99