5 Star Urethane Primer/ Sealers

5 Star Urethane  Primer/ Sealers
5 Star Urethane Primer and sealers are the perfect alternative to your car filling needs over the other Major brands that are out there. You can still get the same quality of products at a fraction of the cost. Apply the product right and you can still have the same type of warranties the major brands offer. Some of the benefits, and features of Five star primer , and sealers are: • Fast dry for high production • Hi build for less labor (saving money) • Wide range of primers and sealers for all your undercoat needs• Uses the finest raw materials available giving you quality• Not having to pay for the Name• Available in Quarts and Gallons for any size job • Most available as low as 2.1V.O.C. • 5 star gives you Value, Quality, And Performance
Five Star is an industry leader that have been in the Auto Body Industry for Decades. The 5 star brand uses only the highest quality of raw materials to give you the best product without having to buy the name saving you money and still giving you the best product and performance.
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