Norton Sandpaper

Norton Sandpaper
If you are looking for the very best sandpaper available then Norton Champagne, Norton Blue Stripper and Norton Gold are just a few of the many great choice offered by Norton Abrasives. Saint –Gobain abrasives is the parent company and is considered to be one of the best industrial companies around the globe. In the US alone they employ close to 20,000 people and have almost 200 manufacturing locations around the country. So, if you are looking for quality sandpaper form a name you can trust then Norton sandpaper is just what you have been looking for.

Norton sandpaper can be used by machine or by hand with the perfect product for each job. In fact, Norton Champagne allows you just the sort of versatility that you may be looking for. Norton Champagne sandpaper features all of the most innovative technologies at their best. This sandpaper allows you to cut faster while staying cool in order to help prevent deterioration and decrease the longevity of each sheet. This allows you to extend the life of each and every sheet that will allow you to save money over time. Norton Champagne is able to optimize grain adhesion and prevent unwanted deep uneven scratches.
Norton Gold sandpaper is one of the best-selling sandpapers among body shop professionals and for good reason. Norton gold is able to produce the results you need. It will cut faster and sand finer. Do not waste your time or money buying some unknown brand of sandpaper when you can purchase Norton gold for a little more. You will not be disappointed with the quality that you will receive. You can choose to purchase a roll of discs or a box of file sheets depending on what you need. You will love the quality of Norton gold sandpaper. Once you try it, you will never by inexpensive sandpaper again.

Norton Blue Stripper is designed to work in conjunction with Norton’s Speed Lok system which is a popular choice amongst body shop professionals in the industry. These Norton Blue stripper discs are double laminated so that you can easily produce the powerful results you are after in even the most hard to get to areas. Combine this with the easy to remove and mount system and you can see why Norton Blue Stripper sandpaper discs are a top seller among our line of Norton Sandpaper.
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