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Spraysock Inc.

Spraysock Inc.For over 30 years we've been bringing "The Original Spray Soks" into the workplace along with other safety products. Here are a few:

Spray Sock: (Spray Sok) a protective hood-type apparel that fits snug over the head. Designed for spray painters, shippers, dust control, or any other use for protecting a major portion of the face and head from foreign matter. Also worn as a liner under any type of helmet. 100% cotton open mesh fabric absorbs moisture and allows skin to breathe for maximum cooling and comfort enabling the user to work longer, more effectively and with much more comfort. the flexible, snug fitting material conforms to the contour of the users head allowing complete freedom of movement with no rough edges to chafe or irritate the skin. no restriction of peripheral vision. Can be positioned to expose eyes and nose.

Spray Sock 140 1 box of 12/ea
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